Website Update

IMG_1530It’s been quite a few years since I have done anything to my website but add pics and lately I haven’t been doing that. The trick to having an updated site is to have easy access to update at anytime . Mobile with the right software can do that.

I was using HTML Egg and it did the trick for a few years but they have not improved or modernized it enough to keep up with the times. It was not cutting it anymore.

I checked WordPress a few times in the past and I hesitated on it effectiveness but decided to give it a shot. I built a skeleton site with free version and today I purchased the premium pack. I purchased the personal package and 5 minutes later upgraded that to premium.

I thought I would get a few more options with the  upgrade from personal package but at this point it is not making the extra cost worth it. Maybe I will see it as I move forward with site options. What I really wanted was the WordPress branding off the site but the Business plan was too much for my small business.

I must say that once I got going the software worked well and I built a site I am going to be happy with when I go live. It worked well on my desktop and my iPhone. So far it has been good, I wish they had better pricing plans.



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