IMG_1749I was in the shop today and worked on nailing down the colours for the Ironhead project I am working on. I drew up some sketches and they looked good but I wasn’t sure if it would look good in real life.

I had a few pieces that I prepped and then started the process. One piece had House of Kolor gold base and the other Orange. Then I topped

IMG_1318with a House of Kolor tangerine kandy mixed with 2fx packs. This gave extra metallics to both but especially the orange piece.


The next step I put down. 5-6 coats of Roth Flakes mixed in clear. Once cured I will wet sand and if there is still a requirement for clear, I will do that before adding the artwork and gold leaf.

So far I am liking the color and it is looking good. A lot more work to do to see if I like this and then I have to do it for real on parts for the iron.

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