IMG_2229We decided to register into the Frex Rod bike show at the very last minute. They were calling for rain all weekend so I thought it was a good way to advertise and meet new local people.

IMG_2232I drove the bike in Friday morning and setup my display. It wasn’t big but location was good. I spent Friday night there and went back Saturday afternoon. There were decent crowds on Saturday.

IMG_2231I went back on Sunday and won best paint at the awards ceremony. It is always nice for business to get these awards. The weekend turned out to be a great success.

2 thoughts on “Best Paint at Frex Rod 2017

  1. Dan I am so proud of you. Hope you and Lois and all the family are doing great. Ted and I are excellent, Ted opened a pool hall/roadhouse in the old garage near our place, pop in if u still do a Boot run every now and then.

    All the very best! Paula and Ted


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