It’s never too old to teach an old dog new tricks.

Life has always been about learning new skills.

Drawings I used to do as child

As 2022 departs and 2023 rings in, I have been very fortunate to follow my dream and use my artistic skills to create unique art on canvas, motorcycles, helmets, goaliemasks, digital worlds and now on skin.

As a child I loved to draw cartoons. I tried my hand at oil painting and charcoal but I consistently drew cartoons right into high school. Sketching and drawing has always been an escape and a passion.

After high school I decided to set my eye on continuing my artistic career and enrolled in a Graphic Arts program. Shortly after graduation I got a job for the Canadian Armed Forces as a civilian graphic artist using traditional tools. This opportunity would last 35.5 years and throughout the entire time I was a freelance artist in multiple disciplines.

The job soon transitioned to computers and before I knew it I was a digital artist. The job kept morphing and as technology grew, I followed along as it opened new directions. I transitioned to a web developer and soon a multimedia artist/developer developing and transforming Army training using technology.

3D technology and software was in its infancy and as with all technologies i became a 3D artist. I mastered 3D development and then animation in preparation to become a 3D game developer. Using these technologies and incorporating virtual, and game platforms we were able to convert traditional army training to technology based. I loved technology but I knew I wanted to go back to traditional style art and focus on airbrush.

Every facet of my career prepared me for the next step of my journey.

Pinstriping at Wharf Rat Rally

I started to focus my skills on airbrush and pinstriping and started Orangepaint Factory. I loved transforming motorcycle steel to artistic masterpieces and spent unspeakable hours practicing and practicing.

Specializing in custom painting bikes, helmets and goalie masks and with over 40 years mastering these skills, I worked hard to gain a solid reputation in the kustom paint world. Throughout my career I loved to learn and push myself, the pencil, brush, computer, airbrush or tattoo machine all became my tools of creativity.

Memorial helmet pinstriping

Pinstriping was such a challenge to learn but opened a new chapter in my kustom paint kulture.

Table hockey theme mask
Kandy with old school flames
Full custom Kandy paint and reaper theme airbrush.
Lion airbrush
Knight Templar theme Harley
Power Syndrome album cover art

Tattoo Challenge and next stage of my artistic experience

Last May, I decided to challenge myself again and started tattooing. I used all the experience and skills I learned over the past 40 years and I am now transitioning them to tattoo.

Tattooing fun

I am excited about learning the skills required to create unique artwork on skin and looking forward to the future. Another chapter has begun, and so far it has been beyond my expectations.

Busy at my new passion

Tattoo has opened a new avenue to challenge myself and to continue my artist journey.

Tattooing my daughters boyfriend

My first tattoo on another person was my daughter and I was super happy and proud to be fortunate to tattoo a design on her.

Tattooing my daughter
My daughters new tattoo & first tattoo on someone

I have been very fortunate to be able to work in a field that I love. As 2022 departs and 2023 rings in, I can see a bright future in another realm.

Some of my first tattoos and looking forward to my future in tattooing. Check out our website, Facebook and instagram for new work or to book paint or ink. We are booking for the new year.

2Cav veteran motorcycle club logo tattoo
Grandkids tattoo
Hummingbird, butterfly and dragonfly tattoo
Dragonfly and butterfly tattoo
Eagle feather tattoo

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