The ART of Kustom


Orangepaint Factory & Tattoo is a kustom paint shop based in New Brunswick, that now offer tattoo services. We are excited to transfer our experience and skills from airbrush and pinstriping to create unique tattoos. Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada we also specialize in detail airbrush and old school pinstriping. We tattoo art and kustom paint motorcycles, paint helmets, goaliemasks, guitars, and cars.

me_rally _2Dan Daigle, Owner and operator of Orangepaint Factory & Tattoo, has a vast history working in the kustom paint and airbrush industry and has been airbrushing and illustrating for over Twenty five years. He runs a reputable and successful business and as lead artist has been creating award winning eye kandy on motorcycles for years. We have successfully transferred those skill to the tattoo world and are excited to where this new adventure will take us.

Tattoo Fredericton Orangepaint Factory & Tattoo’s kustom paint kreations include detail airbrush, graphics, murals, pinstriping, flames, real fire, flake, and kandy colours.

We now look forward to creating live art and will work with you make your vision a reality.