Goaliemask Gallery

Gallery of Goaliemask projects we have completed


Anime Goalie Mask

Anime Theme goalie mask. House of kolor

Avengers MAsk

Avengers theme mask we painted for local goalie. House of kolor paint.

Caps Mask

Mask we painted for a local JR B Caps goalie. House of Kolor.

Caps Mask _Daigle

Mask we painted for JR B Caps goalie.

Jake Allen Tribute Mask

Mask painted for local young goalie to represent Jakes Mask. Young goalie is from Jake Allen, St Louis Blues home town.

Leafs Mask Tribute

Leafs mask painted for a young local goalie

Maine Jr Ramblers

Goalie mask we recently painted for a local goalie playing in the USA.

Manderson Mask

Mask we painted for Erica Manderson. She excelled in female hockey league.

McKim Goaliemask

McKim Custom painted Goaliemask.

NHL Original 6, Table Hockey Goalie Mask

Tribute original six table hockey goalie mask. Tribute to Errol Thompson and Gerard Gallant

Shattuck Mask

Mask for local goalie playing in the USA.

Slammers Mask

Mask we painted for Jr A Slammers goalie. House of Kolor paint.

Team Change

Changing team logo on goaliemask. House of Kolor, Tamcos High Impact Clear

UNB Mask

Mask project for UNB Varsity Reds goalie

2 thoughts on “Goaliemask Gallery

  1. Hello,
    I am just wondering about how much it costs roughly to have a goalie mask painted? I know it probably depends on the complexity of the design, but just looking to see what kind of ballpark I’m looking at.
    Thank you so much


    • Helmets vary in price and depends on condition of mask, amount of art elements and complexity. They can run between $900 and up. Most I try and keep in the $1000-$1200 range but depends on designs and time required to complete. I use top quality projects and protect with a high impact clear. If you have any questions please let me know


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