Motorcycle Gallery

Gallery of Bike projects we have completed

1970 Tangerine Kandy Ironhead

1970 Harley Davidson custom Ironhead. House of Kolor Tangerine Kandy. Old School pinstriping and Kandy.


Exciting project we painted with House of Kolor paint. Airbrush dragon on original base coat blue.

BMW Restoration

1971 BMW restoration project.

Brandywine Harley

This was a full paint project from the ground up with bodywork on the stretched tank.House of Kolor Brandywine kandy Harley we painted for a local customer  all House of Kolor paint. We painted House of Kolor Brandywine Kandy over a zenith gold. Stripe has marbilizer with airbrush eagle bones incorporated in design.

Brandywine Kandy Harley

Harley project incorporating 23k Gold leaf and graphics buried under House of Kolor Brandywine Kandy. 

Canada, Military Service Tribute

Military and Canada tribute custom paint

Canada-USA Tribute

Custom painted saddlebag tribute to Canada and USA working together. House of kolor paint.

Dragon Bike

This was a great project and other than the theme the client let me be creative. “I want dragons” is all he said and it turned out great. The blue is original colour, we wetsanded the parts,made a few repairs and made sure artwork would cover those areas. We painted all the dragon themes with House…Read more Dragon Bike

Dragon Pack

Final piece to match the Dragon theme Harley we painted. Full Dragon Bike Freehand Airbrush with House of Kolor paint.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer project painted on original white base. Freehand Airbrush, House of Kolor paint.

Fallen Brother-Sister

Custom paint project In memory of fallen brother and sister. House of Kolor paint.

Family Tribute

Family tribute painted with House of Kolor paint.

Graffiti Chopper

This bike was a lot of fun. We painted this with House of Kolor paint to highlight graffiti Art and it’s impact in the world. All art was taken from the internet and pieced together to complete this bike.

Graveyard Harley

Graveyard project we painted using Autoair paint  

Grim Saki

Kustom skull and cemetery theme on Kawasaki. House of Kolor paint.

Harley Derby and Gas cover project

Harley Davidson derby cover with Canada skull and gas cover that we painted for a good friend. House of Kolor paint with Tamco 9500 clear.

Harley Tribute Tank

Tribute tank we had the hounour of painting for a good friends family.

HR Geiger Theme Stratoliner

HR Geiger theme Stratoliner project. We stripped leather vinyl from saddlebags and then prepped and finished to give us more space to paint. Painted with House of Kolor paint.

Hunters Harley

Bird Hunting Theme bike featuring pictures of clients dog as a pup and full grown. Painted with House of Kolor paints.

Kandy Skull Trike

Skull trike painted with a Apple and Brandywine kandy mixture before adding tribal graphics and then skulls, skulls and more skulls. House of Kolor paint  

Military Tribute Harley – RCR

Harley Davidson custom painted airbrush added to stock paint. Tribute to the Royal Canadian Regiment.

New Life for a Kawasaki Voyageur

Kawasaki Voyageur repaint – House of Kolor

Old School Kandy & Flames

Old School flame project. House of Kolor Kandy apple red

Pagan Gold Knucklehead Chopper

House of Kolor Pagan Gold Knucklehead Chopper painted by Orangepaint Factory. Harley Davidson custom Knucklehead

Pirate Tank

Purple Tribute

Recently I got the privilege of restoring parts on a 1997 Honda Valkeri. The bike belonged to the clients late father and he wanted to bring the bike back to its original state.

Reaper 2

Reaper airbrush project

Repo Reaper

Repo Reaper project for local client. House of Kolor paint.

Skull Fender

Kustom painted skulls on Harley fender

Skull Ghost Flames

Skull with ghost flames on Harley. House of Kolor paint.

Tangerine Kandy Victory

Kandy Tangerine Victory we painted. House of Kolor.

Tattoo Harley

This custom paint was based on clients tattoos. We worked with her to personalize her Harley.

Templar Harley

Templar theme kustom paint on stock Harley Davidson. House of Kolor paint.

The Reaper

Reaper project we created for a good friend. House of Kolor

Widows Sons project

Widows Sons project painted with House of Kolor paint.

Wolf Theme Honda

Wolf theme custom paint on Honda. House of Kolor paint.